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Medical Transportation Jobs for EMT's and Paramedics with Beartooth EMS

Looking for a great medical job serving others and want to get on the hiring list of an up and coming small local business? Than get on our hiring list! If you are looking to start a new career with a growing company or are needing an internship within an Ambulance or Medical Transport Service - Beartooth EMS & Medical Transport would love to speak with you! We are looking for solid, freindly, caring and driven EMT's and Paramedics to work with us.

We would love to get you on our list and have everything from volunteer new and student EMT internships who need experience - to competitive pay paramedic positions! How it Works: Our job openings and needs grow and fluctuate throughout the year. We interview applicants and screen them to make sure the individuals match our company culture of fun friendly compassionate professional care. We keep a list of applicants who best embody the freindly people skills and credentials we are seeking to hire from throught the year. When we open a new position, we go to our list and offer the next top applicant in line the available position.