Vehicle vs. Power Line - Accident Safety in Montana

Power LIne and Electrical Rescue training moment:

Imagine you are driving your vehicle and you happen to crash into a power pole causing the lines the come crashing down onto your car, did you know that in that moment your car became electrically charged? This means that if you touch the vehicle and ground simultaniously while getting in or out you may be killed or injured from the electricity charging through the line.

WHAT TO DO: While getting out of your electrically charged vehicle you must jump from the vehicle with both feet together and be careful not to touch the car or the ground with your hands or clothing. You then must then shuffle or hop at least 10- 20 yards away on dry pavement and 40 yards away on wet pavement.

REASON: Electricity from the downed power line is charging your vehicle and then grounding out on the pavement and creating waves or rings that travel out in an ocean like style from your vehicle. If you seperate your feet or touch the pavement with your hands, you will cross the invisible rings of electricity casusing a direct short to your body. Thanks for reading, stay safe! Beartooth EMS & Rescue Your Event Medical Staffing & Montana's Medical Transport Service

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