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Professional, Responsive, Event Medical Staffing


Here at Beartooth, we are proud to support our Montana community and provide our emergency medical staffing service at events, many of which reflect Montana's great culture and heritage. As a company founded in Montana, we have an inside perspective on what it truly takes to be prepared and ready to respond to the special needs of our home state. We are able to staff anything from ski events and motocross to scouting trips and church camps. Whether you need care for a hypothermic whitewater rafter, a camper with an allergic reaction or a rodeo rider with a sprained shoulder - Beartooth EMS is here to serve you with professional, responsive emergency medical service completely tailored to your needs.

  • Concerts
  • Rodeos
  • Fairs
  • Football and school sports
  • Marathons and other races
  • Church camps
  • EMS service consulting
  • Church Emergency Medical Teams
  • Motocross
  • Racetracks
  • Film Sets
  • Back Country Rescue assistance/ private SAR services
  • SAR standby (long & short term)
  • PPG Flight Search Team coming soon!!
  • Drone Search coming soon!!

Want Beartooth EMS at your event?


Please call us at 406-579-7248 

or use the direct message form located at the bottom of our website to contact us.

Please be ready with the following information and/or include it in the direct message form.


  1. Event Managers Name, Email & Contact Number

  2. Event Dates

  3. Event Type (Rodeo, Concert, Etc)

  4. Event Size (Number of Attendees)

  5. Ambulance Onsite or Medical Personnel Only

  6. Special Requests or Conditions

    Please enter "Event Request" in the subject line.





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